News Release


December 3, 2010Other
AIFUL Announces Changes in Principal Shareholder (PDF 38KB)
December 1, 2010Corporate/IR
AIFUL Group Sets Basic Policy on Reorganization (Subsidiary Spinoff and Merger) (PDF 111KB)
November 24, 2010Corporate/IR
AIFUL Takes Additional Steps to Strengthen Business Position (PDF 68KB)
November 8, 2010Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announces Revisions to Earnings Forecasts (PDF 107KB)
July 1, 2010Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announces Determination of Exercise Price for Stock Option to Employees (PDF 12KB)
June 14, 2010Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announces Details on the Issuance of Stock Options to Employees (PDF 85KB)
May 17, 2010Corporate/IR
Relocation Announcement of Tokyo office and head office of subsidiaries (PDF 66KB)