Corporate Philosophy

AIFUL's Corporate Philosophy

Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity

AIFUL set VISION / MISSION / VALUE as its corporate aspiration, rooted in the above corporate philosophy.


For Colorful Life.
For realizing a society where each person can play an active role

Your originality in your daily life and work.

AIFUL hopes to brighten our society further with individuality of each person.

Aiming for a future where every one can be themselves,
we value individuality.


Be unique 
We respect each other's individuality

While respecting each other's individuality, we keep creating a variety of values.

Go beyond 
Let’s go beyond customers' expectations

We always think from customers' point of view and keep going beyond their expectations with our swift services while devoting the utmost effort.

Step forward 
Let’s make tomorrow better

By improving things on a daily basis, we contribute to realization of a happy tomorrow for many people.


Be honest

Try harder

Build relationship

Be grateful