Basic Policy on IR Activities

To meet the expectations of its stakeholders, the AIFUL Group will make every effort to maintain and improve its corporate value, and to disclose information on its corporate activities quickly, accurately and fairly in line with its Corporate Philosophy to “Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity”

Disclosure Standards

The Group will disclose information in accordance with regulations pertaining to the adequate disclosure of corporate information, as specified in the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other applicable legislation, and in the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Securities Listing Regulations. The Group will make every effort to disclose corporate information that is deemed to be useful in giving stakeholders a better understanding of the AIFUL Group, even if such information is not covered by the law or other regulations.

Disclosure Method

Information covered under the TSE Securities Listing Regulations will be disclosed via the timely disclosure information system “TDnet.” Information that is not covered under the relevant regulations will be disclosed via other channels, including press releases or Group websites.

Silent Period

The Group will set aside a “silent period” from the day after the closing of its financial results (quarterly accounting period) until the day on which its results are published, in order to prevent information from being leaked prior to publication and to ensure fair disclosure. The Group will refrain from making comments or answering questions regarding its results during this period. The Group will nonetheless disclose information on matters such as revisions to forecast results as necessary, in accordance with the TSE Securities Listing Regulations.

Forward-Looking Statements

Forecasts and other forward-looking statements relating to the Group’s results will be based on available information at the time of publication and criteria deemed to be reasonable. Actual results may vary, due to a variety of different factors.

Internal Disclosure System

To realize its Corporate Philosophy, the Group will make every effort to put in place, and continually improve, internal systems designed to gather and manage information on its results, including facts likely to have a significant effect on investment decisions, and to ensure adequate disclosure on a timely basis.

Schematic of Time Disclosure Framework

Schematic of Time Disclosure Framework