News Release


December 4, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announce 32th, Unsecured Straight Bond Issues (PDF 9KB)
November 7, 2002Corporate/IR
Aiful Raises FY3/03 Dividend Estimate (PDF 9KB)
October 10, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announce 31th, Unsecured Straight Bond Issues (PDF 9KB)
October 1, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Makes City's a Subsidiary (PDF 13KB)
September 12, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announce 30th, Unsecured Straight Bond Issues (PDF 10KB)
August 27, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Corporation Announces Conversion of City Green Co.,LTD.,into Subsidiary Through Share Exchange Related to Acquisition of City's Co.,LTD. (PDF 35KB)
July 8, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Corporation Acquires City's Co.,Ltd (PDF 20KB)
June 28, 2002Business/Services
AIFUL Corporation Announces Acquisition of MasterCard License (PDF 19KB)
May 27, 2002Other
AIFUL Corporation Seeks Authorization for Treasury Stock Purchase (PDF 10KB)
May 27, 2002Business/Services
AIFUL Forms Partnership with Daiwa Bank for Business Loan Guarantee (PDF 16KB)
April 30, 2002Other
Relocation of Headquarters of Group Companies (PDF 9KB)
April 22, 2002Other
Establishment of Compliance Committee (PDF 11KB)
April 2, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announce 28th, Unsecured Straight Bond Issues (PDF 18KB)
March 4, 2002Business/Services
Launch of "Itemized Revolving Payment Change" (PDF 33KB)
February 28, 2002Corporate/IR
AsTry Loan Services Corporation Launches Operations (PDF 40KB)
February 4, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Corporation Changes Directors' Responsibilities, Personnel and Organization (PDF 63KB)
January 24, 2002Corporate/IR
AIFUL Corporation Transfers Fixed Assets to Subsidiary (PDF 11KB)
January 21, 2002Business/Services
(LIFE Co., Ltd.)Guarantee Partnership with Setagaya Credit Bank (PDF 27KB)