Management System

Corporate Philosophy

Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity

Corporate governance

The AIFUL Group understands that a key objective of corporate governance is to achieve corporate management with transparency, impartiality, and efficiency by conducting corporate activities premised on compliance in accordance with our management philosophy of “Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity” to contribute to the development of the economy and society and thereby to gain the trust of society, including its stakeholders.


In an effort to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, we have set out the AIFUL Compliance Code of Conduct, which, together with our corporate philosophy, comprises our action guidelines. The AIFUL Compliance Code of Conduct describes our “relationship with society” and “initiatives in environmental issues” in greater detail.

Excerpt from AIFUL Compliance Code of Conduct
We will observe laws, Company rules, and standards of public decency, strive to be a good member of society, and take pride in contributing to society.

(Relationship with society)

  • ・In order to meet community expectations and requests with an awareness that we are members of society, we will humbly listen to public opinion and conduct consumer education and awareness-raising activities in an effort to develop alongside society.

  • ・We will actively strive to deepen our interactions with local communities and contribute to them.

  • ・In the event of large-scale natural disasters affecting entire regions, we will engage ourselves in supporting the afflicted areas through lifesaving activities and restoration support.

(Environmental initiatives)

  • ・We will be environmentally conscious in carrying out business activities.

  • ・We will endeavor to reduce waste and recycle.

  • ・We will voluntarily work to conserve the environment in our business activities.

Compliance hotline

In accordance with the main purpose of the Whistleblower Protection Act and other related laws and regulations, we have established internal whistleblower system rules and set up internal and external contact desks.
The internal whistleblower system rules include provisions on investigations and deliberations while protecting the privacy of whistleblowers, prohibition of disadvantageous treatment of whistleblowers because of their reporting, and confidentiality of the content of whistleblowing.
In addition, we actively promote awareness of the whistleblower hotline within AIFUL Group by displaying posters and holding study sessions to create an environment in which everyone can easily consult with the hotline.

Compliance hotline
Compliance hotline

Corporate Ethics・Compliance Education

Compliance study sessions are held for all employees in order to deepen their knowledge of various internal regulations and laws.

  • ・Regulations Regarding Restrictions on Interest and Guarantee Fees

  • ・Regulations for Prevention of Damage by Anti-Social Forces

  • ・Regulations on Confirmation at the Time of Transaction and Notification of Suspicious Transactions

  • ・Regulations on Payment of Overpayment

  • ・Personal Information Protection Regulations

  • ・Regulations on Handling Advertisement

  • ・Regulations on Prohibited Acts

  • ・Regulations for Prevention of Insider Trading

In addition to compliance study sessions, training and certification examinations are conducted regularly, mainly for managers, to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and prevent harassment.The following training and certification programs are conducted on a regular basis.

Name Frequency Outline
Examination of Laws and Regulations At the time of joining the company An examination to ensure that full-time employees understand the relevant laws and regulations when they join the company
Business Qualification Test At the time of joining the company and transfer A test for all employees in the customer service department to ensure that they understand the rules and regulations required for lending and collections
Compliance Study Session 4 times a year On-site study sessions and confirmation tests to improve employee knowledge of various company regulations and laws
Compliance Awareness Reminder Test Once a year A test for all employees on laws, regulations, company rules and harassment
Training for newly appointed managers and supervisors Twice a year Compliance training for newly appointed managers
Regulatory Manager Examination and its renewal examination Once a year An examination on business ethics with a focus on Money Lending Business Act
Training for Chiefs of Money Lending Operations Once a year Training (e-learning) for Chiefs of Money Lending Operations to properly manage their business on site