For Our Customers

Providing a secure environment
so that customers can interact with us safely

AIFUL strives to develop products that are useful for our customers and promote initiatives to make the most of opinions and requests received from customers. It also works to develop a secure environment that customers can interact with safely based on various activities through the Japan Financial Service Association, etc.

Service quality improvement by collecting customer comments

AIFUL compiles customers' opinions and requests received at call centers and other branch offices into a database. In addition, Loan Business and Credit Management divisions hold monthly Customer Voice Meeting and communicate the contents and results of the meeting to management.

Suggestions for service quality improvement

AIFUL Group promotes employee suggestions regarding operations and services in order to improve service quality.
The number of adopted suggestions is as follows.

FY2020 FY2021 1H
The number of suggestions for service quality improvement 13 7
Based on customers' opinions 3 1

*Suggestions under consideration or not adopted are excluded from the above.

<Major Examples of Improvements>

Customers' Voice and Our Solutions

  • ・"The phone is overloaded, so it's hard to connect."
    ⇒We have posted peak times on the website to visualize off-peak times.
  • ・"Domain options for email addresses are outdated."
    ⇒We have updated the options to the latest domains.
  • ・"There is no information about how to change ID and password."
    ⇒Our apps have been modified so that reissues can be made from the "For those having trouble logging in" section on the login screen.

Product development to meet customers’ diverse funding needs

AIFUL constantly strives to develop products that are convenient to use and are able to meet customers’ diverse funding needs.

Establishment of a comprehensive support system

Comprehensive support system

AIFUL has a comprehensive support system in place to respond to emergencies, such as loss or theft of customer cards. The system can be reached by phone around the clock.

Protect interests of customers

We believe that protecting interests of our customers not only reduces bad debts risk, but also leads to realization of AIFUL Group's VISION "For Colorful Life. "

About Advertising

In accordance with the basic self-regulatory rules of Japan Financial Services Association, we have developed advertisements in all media, including TV commercials, web advertisements and sales websites, to avoid encouraging unplanned borrowing.

About Collections

We place the highest priority on protecting interests of customers and pay particular attention to their private lives in collections, which are carried out by making phone calls, sending documents, and using SMS. We also work to improve convenience of collection practices by utilizing robots to make automated phone calls.In addition, we thoroughly train all employees through compliance study sessions and various examinations on prohibited behaviors in lending and collections.