President’s Message

The AIFUL Group is committed to enhancing retail financial throughout the Group.

We believe that our social mission is to provide financial services tailored to the needs of each and every customer, and to create an environment in which services can be used more casually and easily. We also believe that by providing services that are in line with the present age, we can help to eliminate customers' disabilities.

Aiming for a future in which all customers feel easy to use, we will endeavor to provide financial services that are easy to use by making full use of our creativity and technology.

In the accelerating cashless transactions flow both domestically and internationally, we have positioned Financial Inclusion, which aims to create an environment where anyone can use financial services, including payment methods, regarded as an important mission, and we intend to fulfill our social significance as a financial institution.

We believe that achieving these missions will maximize the prosperity and benefits of all our stakeholders.

To fulfill this mission, the AIFUL Group continues to recruit and train personnel with specialized knowledge in the three fields of digital promotion, data analysis, and design. We are promoting in-house production in each field, and are working constantly to improve customer convenience, improve visibility, reduce costs, and improve response speed.

As an IT Financial Group, we will continue to strive for growth under the corporate aspiration of "For Colorful Life."

We will continue to do our utmost to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

September 2023

President and CEO

M. Fukuda