Loan Business

The AIFUL Group provides unsecured loans and small business loans tailored to the needs of customers by applying the know-how it has developed over the years.

Unsecured Loans

In unsecured loans, the AIFUL Group responds to needs of customers through the “4S” approach, in addition to developing creative products, which is the Group’s strength. The four Ss are “Speed (prompt and convenient),” responding to the urgent needs of customers, “Simple (simple and convenient),” offering simple application procedures and transactions, “Secret (maintaining confidentiality),” observing the privacy of customers, and “Safe (safety and reliability),” providing counseling when customers receive or return loans.

Small business loans

Applying the credit know-how that it has developed over the years, AIFUL Group responds to the funding needs of individuals and business operators through a diverse range of products and clear and prompt credit offering. The product lineup includes AIFUL’s “business support plan,” in which either secured or unsecured loans can be extended, and AG MEDICAL CORPORATION’s “Medical loan secured by medical fee receivables,” a product that responds to the needs of medical institutions, dispensing pharmacies and nursing business managers.


Multi-channel service outlets

Smartphone applications

AIFUL renewed its smartphone application in May 2018, as we see it as our important point of contact with customers.

To further increase customer convenience, the application allows complete on-line operation from application to contract, logging-in with biometric authentication for safety, and cardless withdrawal and deposit transactions at Seven Bank and Lawson Bank ATMs throughout Japan, as well as real-time checking of current loan status.

smartphone App

Unmanned branches

Unmanned branches are available throughout Japan, with locations in highly convenient areas such as train stations, as well as roadside locations accessible by car.

Unmanned contract machine

Partner ATMs

AIFUL has partnered with nationwide convenience stores and banks to ensure customer convenience.

Contact Center

The Contact Center in Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, has established a sales system that integrates customer service and administrative operations, including reception at Temairazu, accepting web applications, responding to various inquiries, providing various product guidance, and providing payment guidance. In addition, we have introduced communication tools such as CTI, a telecom system that integrates telephones and computers, Chatbot, a service that allows users to switch from automated chat responses to attended operators, and Robot Call, a service that links IVR, an automated voice guidance service. We receive detailed and efficient inquiries from our customers throughout the country.

In general, IVR is used only to receive telephone calls from customers. At AIFUL, we also use the IVR system and SMS when we contact customers.

Since Robot Call was introduced, we have been able to cut the workforce required for collecting money, while increasing the number of telephone calls we make to our customers. Thus, the efficiency of collection and productivity has increased.

contact center