Transformation Towards an IT Company

With the Corporate philosophy of “Earn the trust of society through corporate activity based in integrity,” the Group's mission is to contribute to the economy and society by supporting the sound consumption and business activities of our customers, and to promote transformation into an IT Company, aiming to “grow as a financial group that transforms its organization and systems in response to environmental changes and utilizes digital technology.


Management theme

We aim to grow as a financial group by reforming our organization and systems according to the changes in the business environment and utilizing digital technologies.

  • ・We aim to become a 100-year company and to continue to be supported for years to come, which will be realized by "our corporate activities with more integrity" than ever before, and the efforts and solidarity of our new leader and the employees who support him.

  • ・From now on, we will accelerate the rationalization of skill evaluation, personnel allocation and organizational structures, which was delayed during the shrinking period, and carry out reform and creation through the innovation of technologies.

  • ・We will evolve into a corporate group with high stability, profitability, and growth potential that can meet changing social needs and contribute to sustainable development.

Initiatives to Create Corporate Value

Leveraging the know-how and experience AIFUL has been nurtured over the years, we aim for further growth as a financial group.

AIFUL's strengths

  • ・High degree of flexibility at our management and speedy decision-making
    We are diversifying our business portfolio inside and outside Japan, through speedy decision making, and also promoting the in-house creation of designs and systems by utilizing specialists.

  • ・A wide variety of products and services
    In order to realize the customer-first policy, individual employees always listen to the voice of customers in a serious manner, come up with necessary products and services for them, and create new products.

  • ・Credit and screening capabilities that have been nurtured for many years
    We have credit and screening capabilities utilizing the scoring system based on statistical data and the know-how that has been nurtured for many years.

Optimization of the business environment

Optimization of the business environment

Values we offer

  • To Customers
    We continue to provide customers in Japan and overseas with products and services that exceed their expectations.

  • To Shareholders
    We strive to achieve sustainable profit growth and shareholder return and enhance corporate value.

  • To Society
    We support consumption and economic activities of small business owners with our financial system.

  • To Employees
    We strive to achieve a workplace where employees can experience both company and personal growth and find their lives worth living through their day-to-day work.