News Release


October 31, 2014Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announces Revisions to Earnings Forecasts (PDF 40KB)
June 27, 2014Corporate/IR
Notice Regarding Personnel Changes (PDF 17KB)
June 23, 2014Corporate/IR
Corrections to Consolidated Financial Results For The Fiscal Year Ended March 2014 (PDF 33KB)
June 13, 2014Other
Notice Regarding Today's News Report by Some Media (PDF 9KB)
June 13, 2014Corporate/IR
Completion of Business Revitalization Plan Period and Continued Financial Support (PDF 14KB)
May 26, 2014Corporate/IR
Notice Regarding Changes in Representative Director (PDF 42KB)
April 25, 2014Corporate/IR
AIFUL Announces Earnings Forecast (PDF 15KB)