About AIFUL Group

Business areas of the AIFUL Group

The AIFUL Group aims to become a global financial group that is trusted and needed in Japan and around the world, providing services and products that surpass customer expectations.

In the domestic loan business, AIFUL handles unsecured consumer loan and small business loan business, while AG BUSINESS SUPPORT handles small business loans. The credit card business is handled by LIFECARD, which is licensed to issue international brands Mastercard, Visa, and JCB, while the credit guarantee business provides guarantees to financial institutions under both the AIFUL and Life brands.

In the overseas business, A&A (AIRA & AIFUL) operates an unsecured consumer loan business in Thailand, while Reksa Finance carries out a used car loan business in Indonesia.

In addition, the Group carries out a prepaid card business (LIFECARD), factoring business (AG BUSINESS SUPPORT), servicer and corporate turnaround & restructuring businesses (AG Loan Services), a venture capital business (AG Capital), rent guarantee business (Anshin Guarantor Service), in-house loan, consumer installment credit and postpay settlement businesses (AG Payment Service).

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