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Introduction of products handled by the AIFUL Group

Information on the products of AIFUL Group companies is available over the phone.

* Please contact the following number for inquiries on the products of AIFUL Group companies.

Japanese only: 0120-666-942 (weekdays 10:00–18:00)

Life cards LogoLIFECARD CO., LTD

Credit card merchants

Credit card payment by Visa/Mastercard® brand cards is available. An increase in customers and a rise in unit selling price can be expected.

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Lifecard Business
A business card for small businesses, such as corporates and sole traders. The annual membership fee is zero for the standard type. Up to 50 employee and ETC cards can be issued. Applications for a high credit limit will also be considered. See more
Lifecard Business Lite
A business card for sole traders and startups. Submission of accounts or other documents is not required; the only required document is an ID document. The card can be applied for via smartphone and will be issued in as little as four business days. See more
Business card with limited usages
A business card for corporations that enables payments of large amounts by limiting the usage, such as to online advertising and usage fees of cloud servers. There is a cash-back of up to 0.5% for no annual membership fee. See more
Sales agency (individual)
Advertisement fees are paid to individuals who become a selling agent for Lifecard. The amount of the fee depends on the number of cards issued.
Acquisition agency (corporate)
Acquisition fees are paid to corporates who sell Lifecard Business and Lifecard Business Lite, based on the number of operators who issued a card.
V-preca gift
A prepaid credit card that can be used at online Visa merchants. It can be used as a novelty gift. See more

agpaymentAG Payment Service CO.,LTD

Consumer installment credit
AG Payment Service CO.,LTD advances the price for the product or service purchased by the customer. See more
In-house loan guarantee
Non-collection risks can be reduced since AG Payment Service CO.,LTD guarantees en bloc the installment contract between the company and customer based on a certain standard. See more
Mirai Barai
A deferred payment service where payments are made at a convenience store or with electronic money after receiving the product.
There is no risk of non-payment since AG Payment Service CO.,LTD advances the full price of the product received. See more


Small business loans

Visiting our store is not required. These loans have been appreciated as substantial business funds for business expansion, temporary bridging loans, and upon account settlement. There is no annual membership fee or guarantee fee.

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Recommended for business owners who wish to improve their cash flow following the incurrence of various payment obligations prior to the collection of receivables. See more
Real estate-secured loans
For customers who seek to borrow a large amount of funds by making use of their assets. There is no guarantee fee or commission. See more

AIFUL Partners LogoAG Partners Corporation

Removal of long-term accrued credit from balance sheet
We will assess the collectability of liabilities that have been long accrued at companies and help in removing such receivables from the balance sheet. See more


Medical loan secured by medical fee receivables
Loans for medical institutions, dispensing pharmacies, and businesses providing nursing care services and welfare services for disabled persons. We propose substantial loans by evaluating the medical service fees that will be generated in the future. See more